The Netherlands at MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris (FR)

Two Dutch artists will play MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris: Someone and Lavinia Meijer (together with Maud Geffray).

'Someone' will perform on Wednesday October 16th at Le Carmen, 19:30 - 20:15. Someone's live shows are an audiovisual experience, combining catchy psych-pop melodies with live projections that offer trippy animations all based around different aspects of the human form. 

Lavinia Meijer and Maud Geffray will perform their new album 'Still Life' on Friday October 18th at La Cigale, 20:15 - 21:00. The album combines electronic and classical music elements and is based around the minimalist music of Philip Glass. This creates a dreamlike, romantic journey, both melancholic and elegiac,
Lavinia Meijer with Maud Geffray
Friday, October 18
20:15 - 21:00, La Cigale
Female live duo where the electronic music and the harp merge. Together, Lavinia (harpist) and Maud (DJ and electronic music composer) tribute to Philip Glass, through a new album. Motives, evocations and ways of composing, Maud has built around Philip Glass a sort of dreamlike and romantic, melancholic and elegiac journey. As if, through this music that goes from appeasement to tension, Maud Geffray took the hand of Philip Glass to accompany him in club or rave, and showed him the immensity of his influence on electronic music today. For this project, she joined forces with the legendary Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer, known for her cross over works from traditional classical- and contemporary music
Wednesday, October 16
19:30 - 20:15, Le Carmen

Someone is a project initiated by Amsterdam-based artist Tessa Rose Jackson that celebrates and explores creativity in all its different forms. Having always harboured a love for art of all disciplines Jackson discovered a joy in crossing borders between genres collaborating with other artists and putting ego and image aside to focus on simply ‘making’. The result is a constant flow of work that although diverse in format is held together more by mindset. The music on Someone’s 'ORBIT EP' combines psych-pop hooks played on gloopy guitars and shimmering synthesizers with Someone’s airy mellow vocal that juxtaposes the constant energy driving the tracks forward.