Canshaker Pi

A Canshaker Pi show can be described as one big kamikaze run. The Amsterdam-based quartet\u2019s inflammable brand of indie rock is a gleeful but high-stakes affair. The first thing you notice about Canshaker Pi is how they relish in puerile dicking about, albeit never for the sake of just \u2018dicking about\u2019. Beneath their fidgety, high-strung stage antics simmers a piercing intensity, one that perhaps comes with a creeping awareness that the days of being young, wild and free will eventually pass. And truth be told, the band thrives on that constant tension created between catchy-as-sin hooks and torrents of noise, where boredom certainly isn\u2019t part of this equation. Canshaker Pi voluntarily allow the anxious friction of their music to boil over, until it irrevocably submits to the knee-jerk enthusiasm that makes this bunch tick.