Spotlight on The Netherlands during Canadian Music Week 2021


Canadian Music Week 2021 features a 4-day online music summit delivered in a totally interactive streamed format set for May 18-21. During the event there’s a special spotlight on Dutch music business and artists.

Dutch artists - focus showcase

CMW Music Festival showcases will be completely free to the Public. Dutch Music Export will present a special focus showcase with six Dutch artists on Thursday May 20th 7pm (EST). After midnight, the showcase will also be available on demand. 

Date: Thursday May 20th 
Time: 7pm EST (1am CEST)


Singer-songwriter armed with a deft poeticism and a fierce sense of musicianship. 

70s soul-funk, fuzzed-up psychedelia, swamp-rock and haunting melancholia

Soft rock-inspired songwriting and jazz instrumentation with leading piano and distinctive vocals.

Anatolian rock and Turkish psychedelic folk merged with dreamy '80s synth-pop and dancefloor excursions.

Seventies funk, African desert blues, Moroccan gnawa, Indian raga and a touch of EDM all played on guitars and drums.

Crystalline vocals and spiralling piano melody are entrenched in climax by massive-sounding distortion guitars.


Conference session: Spotlight on Holland

The Dutch music industry, being one of the top 10 music markets in the world, is thriving and over the last 2 years music revenues achieved double-figure growth. The Netherlands has a record number of world-famous (open-air) festivals in all genres whereby quality of production and innovation are at the highest level.

During this panel, Dutch record and live music professionals discuss the state of affairs within the music industry in the Netherlands as well as the extensive export activities of Dutch artists and professionals.

Date: Wednesday May 19th
Time: 2pm EST (8pm CEST)